About Us

Mustafa Roy is a training company which is registered with Human Resources Development Corporation and we have got a dynamic team of professional trainers that can help your company staffs with the right training solutions, to achieve success in your business.

Mustafa Roy is one of the leading upcoming training and consultancy companies who is dedicated in providing quality training to boost a feeling of value in employees.

Here are some reasons why you can depend on Mustafa Roy as your training company: -

1) Experienced Professionally Qualified Trainers from all industries.

You can count on us to understand what your company really in need and why.
  • a) Our trainers from different industries in various departments
  • b) They are experts in designing the right programs for your need
  • c) They can highlight to you future training programs to upskill your employees

2) Highly experienced management team

  • a) To guide you in the documentation for claims from HRDC
  • b) To prepare all the necessary works to run the training programs.
  • c) Our management team shows great importance to client relationship with commitment, passion and integrity.


Create a world where every employee has access to high-quality HRDF-funded training programs that enhance their skills, knowledge, and career opportunities.


Provide innovative and effective HRDF-funded training programs that meet the needs of employees and organizations in Malaysia. We strive to foster a culture of continuous learning and development and to empower employees to reach their full potential.


An openness to new ideas and approaches, always looking for ways to enhance the training experience and drive better outcomes. Belief in the potential of employees and a dedication to helping them reach their full potential through training and development.