Services that we provide includes Public Training courses, In-House trainings, Consulting and Coaching services. We have many facilitators from local and overseas. Most of our facilitators are from different industries with many years of experience. They are willing to share their experiences, knowledge and skills to help local organization and their employees to be more competent in their workplace.


MUSTAFA ROY has been a structured purpose driven company and here we are committed in delivering consistently to our client’s satisfaction by providing Performance based Training and Human Capital Development

Public Training Courses

We provide training to all employees in any organization to improve their business in every department. The public training course are based on new technology for all types of industries.

In-House Training

Most of our in-house programs are tailored to provide innovative value-added training. The in-house programs are only suitable one individual company based on their needs to improve their employee’s knowledge in their process.

Consultancy / Coaching Services

The “MR” consultants who are industry specific specialistshave higher level of business expertise and can provide unique solutions for different types of the industries. The consultants can design programs by accommodating to your schedule and adjust to your working style.